PI: Sergio Baranzini

INSTITUTE University of California San Francisco 

ADDRESS  505 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94143, USA



The Baranzini lab will develop an in-silico screening platform to select compounds with oligodendrocyte progenitor (OPC) or neuroprecursor (NPC) -differentiation stimulating potential and will characterize the genetic, epigenetic and genomic profile of iPSC and iPSC-derived neural lines. Dr. Baranzini has a long track record in developing and employing sophisticated bioinformatics tools and conducting genetic analyses in the context of MS.  A recent focus of his lab at UCSF has been the utilization of graph theoretical approaches to integrate multiple sources of information and use machine-learning to mine such data ensembles in a computationally effective manner. In addition, his lab at UCSF has been performing whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, methylation, and proteomic analysis for more than a decade, thus providing a substantial level of technical expertise for the needs of the consortium.

In silico drug screening: HetNet