PI:  Noerbert Goebels

INSTITUTE University Hospital of Dusseldorf

ADDRESS Universitätsstr. 1, 40225 Düsseldorf


The Zipp and Goebels laboratories have both made significant contributions to elucidating the patho-mechanisms involved in MS, with the aim of developing new therapeutic strategies for the disease.

The Zipp lab focuses on mechanisms of neuronal injury in neuroinflammation,13,163-165 employing in vivo two-photon live-imaging166 with the goal of developing neuroprotective strategies.131,167,168 Pertinent to the proposal, The Goebels/Zipp group would be involved in (i) testing neuroprotection on murine primary neuronal culture and on human fetal neural presursors; (ii) chemical refinement of potential candidate molecules, and (iii) functional testing of neurons and oligos from MS patients both in vitro and in vivo for remyelination and neuroprotective effects. The Goebels lab has established possible mechanisms of neuronal damage and demyelination 9,84,169,170 in MS, as well as developed a model system for the ex vivo live imaging of remyelination,171 which will be used as comparative large screening on murine primary cells.