Bioinformatics and cell ReprogrAmming to deVElop an IN vitro platform to discover new drugs for progressive Multiple Sclerosis (BRAVEinMS), is an international organization for multiple sclerosis research established in 2017 as a network of six high standard institutes for progressive MS patient care and research.

The Consortium is comprised of the Coordinator, a CoPI and of several collaborative members.

The Coordinator is responsible of all the scientific activities of the consortium. The current coordinator is Professor Gianvito Martino, from Ospedale San Raffaele. He is in principle the President of the Consortium.

Co-PI is professor Sergio Baranzini, from UCSF, vice-president of the consortium.

The Board of collaborators comprised all the PI, partners from all the collaborative Institutes and one consultant that does not belong to the consortium but that will participate and provide suggestions specifically to the the development of drug screening strategy. The duration of the mandate of the members is related to their position in their respective Institutes. The members will be in charge for the entire consortium length.